Proper Maintenance Extends the Life of Your Printer

It is probably safe to say that most people only realize what a magical thing the average inkjet or laser printer is when it suddenly stops working! Only then is it clear that the humble – or not so humble – office printer is a complex system with delicate and intricate machinery, which requires occasional attention to keep it working well, and to keep print quality consistent and as good as when the printer was first purchased.
To ensure any printer reaches its greatest potential, preventative maintenance is the key. Just like your car, printers need maintenance to deliver consistent results and to prolong their useful working life. A few simple tips performed every month will extend your printer's life and will add assurance that your printer will be ready to go when you are. Read more
Maintenance Kits 101
What Are Printer Maintenance Kits?
Printer maintenance kits contain parts that have predictable wear characteristics and are used to maintain, repair, and rebuild printers. Under normal usage, the internal rollers wear down and lose their ability to grab or separate the paper and guide it smoothly through the printer. A maintenance kit gives your printer new life. Typically, Maintenance kits contain a fuser, transfer roller, and pickup rollers.
Why Should I Use a Maintenance Kit?
Printer maintenance kits eliminate repeat service calls and maximize the paper feed and print quality performance of the laser printer. Each model has a predefined OEM recommended page replacement interval to keep your printer running with high quality results. In addition, maintenance kits are priced substantially lower than purchasing these same parts individually.
What Are Printer Maintenance Kits?
The parts included in these kits have varying estimated service lives – depending on the printer. These estimates may vary, however, depending upon such things as printer user maintenance, printer application, operating environment, and the print media used. Any printer servicing should include inspection of the components.
Purchase any maintenance kit from our store and we'll send a tech out to install the kit and clean your printer for just $75. You must call to schedule the service at the time the maintenance kit is ordered and ask for the Newsletter Special.

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September Tech Tip

To remove toner debris from the printer rollers following a paper jam, print 5 to 10 blank pages on scrap paper.
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