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Preventative Printer maintenance


  • NEVER use solvent or ammonia-based cleaners to wipe down your printer. The right thing to use is isopropyl or ethyl alcohol – or even water. Use an alcohol-dampened or water-dampened, lint free cloth
  • Inspect paper pickup rollers for dust. Paper pickup rollers collect dust and need to be cleaned periodically. The rollers can be cleaned with alcohol or a water-dampened, lint-free cloth.
  • When rollers become shiny and appear "glazed," they need to be replaced.
  • Inspect separation pads for dust. As with the pickup rollers, clean with alcohol or a water-dampened, lint-free cloth. Separation pads should be replaced at the same time as pickup rollers.
  • Transfer rollers should be cleaned if really dirty, but it is important not to touch the rollers with bare fingers. A dry, lint-free cloth must be used, and if a lot of toner spills on the transfer roller, then the only option is to replace the transfer roller
  • Regularly inspect mirrors for dust and grime build-up. These are best cleaned with filtered compressed air or a lint-free cloth or swab moistened with lens cleaner.
  • Finally, inspect the fuser assembly rollers for marks, and replace them if there are any marks or blemishes present.

Following these tips will ensure you need fewer service calls, that your workflow will not be halted at critical times and you will increase the life span of the printer.

Most manufacturers will provide the necessary information for end user cleanings in the user manual, but there are times when a more thorough cleaning may be needed. At Ganson, we will send out a technician to service your printer as needed and in most cases, on the following business day after a service call is placed.  You also have the option to put a Ganson Service Contract on your printer that will cover cleanings and normal wear and tear repairs for one flat rate. 

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