Thermal Wax Ribbon

Thermal Wax Ribbons

What is a Thermal Wax Ribbon?

In terms of thermal printing, a thermal wax ribbon is used in the printing process. Images are created on paper by transferring ink from a wax ribbon onto paper. When the paper cools, the ink is permanently on the paper. It is highly recommended that you change your thermal wax ribbon every time you change the type of media you are using. The ribbon is also responsible for protecting the print head for your printer, so it is important to ensure that you are using the right type, size and heat source for your print job.

There are 3 major types of thermal wax ribbons:

Resin Enhanced Wax: Use this Resin enhanced thermal wax ribbon for maximum performance on a wide range of coated paper and regular paper at an economical cost.
Wax Resin: Slightly more expensive than Wax Ribbon, but it has a much higher level of scratch and rub resistance. The resin bonds with the substrate to secure the image  to a broad range of labels, cartons and packaging. Our Wax Resin ribbons are great for use with polypropylene (BOPP) labels.
Resin: For use where high levels of scratch and chemical resistance is required. Our ribbons are ideal for pharmaceutical, medical & industrial products.  Typical use of these ribbons are healthcare, retail tags, warehouse, logistics and with polyester labels.

Some features to pay attention to when purchasing a thermal wax ribbon are:

Ribbon width – it should always be wider than your label and label carrier.

Ink – the type of grind used can cause your print head to produce more heat in order to produce an image. This would result in a burnt out printhead. Not using the right kind of ink can also cause buildup on the printhead and you will have to replace both the ribbon and print head before you expected to.

Static – make sure to purchase thermal ribbons that have an anti-static coating.

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