Thermal Labels

Thermal Labels 101


Thermal labels are used daily in various methods. Whether it’s for tagging merchandise or preparing inventory for shipping, thermal labels are a constant in various business transactions. The things to consider when purchasing these labels are specific. How is the label going to be used? Will it be in a warehouse, or part of an automatic dispensing system during the manufacturing process? What will the label be subjected to? How long does the label need to last once applied? What type of weather conditions will the label face? Many people think about the weather the label begins in and not the weather the thermal label will end up in.

To help you understand the mechanics of thermal labels, Ganson wants to break down the various aspects of a label.


Thermal Labels


There are four main parts to thermal labels:

1. Facestock – This is the top layer that you will print on. There are many different types of facestock and topcoats for each label.

2. Adhesive – This is what you label will adhere to. Does it need to be removable? What temperature will this label end up  in?

3. Release Coating – this is what keeps the adhesive from sticking to the liner.

4. Liner – This keeps the label intact during manufacturing. This helps enable manual or automatic dispensing.


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When it comes to purchasing thermal labels not only do you need to take into account the various layers of a label but the various types of thermal labels you will need to complete the job.

Do you need a patterned adhesive-free border that eliminates adhesive ooze? What about a linerless label that is eco-friendly? Or a special multi-layer combination of substrates, adhesives and removable over laminate?



Thermal Labels Construction


There are so many different things to consider when purchasing thermal labels and we want to make sure that you are up-to date in all thermal label information. There are new and innovative things happening in technology when it comes to thermal labels. Continue to check this site for all of the new and exciting things that are happening with thermal labels and if you interested in purchasing thermal labels but have further questions, click here and we can help you!





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