Zebra 110Xi II Printhead Installation Instructions

How to tell the DPI on a Zebra 110Xi ll, 110Xilll, 110Xilll+ & 110Xilll Plus


  1. Turn Off (O) the printer.
  2. Press and hold the CANCEL button while turning the power On (I) until the front panel light turns off.
  3. Printer Configuration label will print.
  4. The DPI will be the second line.


Print Head Installation Guide for the Ganson Compatible Zebra 110Xi ll, 110Xilll, 110Xilll+ & 110Xilll Plus Printhead


The Zebra 110Xi ll, 110Xilll, 110Xilll+ & 110Xilll Plus printhead is sensitive to static electricity, which can damage the printhead or reduce its life. Ground yourself by using an antistatic wrist band connected to the printer or by touching some metal on the printer, such as printer’s metal base, before touching the printhead.

1. Clean the printhead with a soft, lint free rag and/or isopropanol to remove any salt, oil or debris from handling prior to installation.

2. Turn power switch off and open media compartment door.


3. Open the printer by moving printhead locking handle to the “Open Position”.

4. With one hand supporting the printhead, remove the printhead from the printhead mounting bracket by unscrewing the retention screw in the top center of the mounting bracket.


5. Disconnect, in order, the printer data cable (wide) and power cable (narrow).

6. Connect the printer cables to the new printhead, first power and then data.

7. Attach the new printhead onto the printhead mounting bracket by aligning the mounting hole. First align the left side, then the right. Two audible “clicks” or “snaps”; may be heard when the head is properly aligned, one per side.

8. Tighten the retention screw in the top center of the printhead mounting bracket. This should be self centering.

9. Align the printing stock and thermal transfer ribbon and close the printhead locking handle.

10. Align the spring loaded tension bar/bars as needed for optimal print quality.

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