Intermec 4400 Printhead Installation Instructions



The Intermec 4400 Printhead is sensitive to static electricity, which can damage the printhead or reduce its life. Ground yourself by touching some metal, such as printer’s metal base, before touching the printhead. Clean the printhead to remove any salt or oil left from handling prior to operation.

1) Turn printer OFF and remove power cord from printer.

2) Remove the ribbon access door by turning the knob ¼ turn counterclockwise, and lifting the door away from the printer.

3) Press down on the manual cover release and lift the cover.

4) Remove the media and thermal transfer ribbon.

5) Remove pin and printhead adjustment lever.

6) Slide the printhead assembly out.

7) Unplug the two cables from printhead.

8) Remove finned heatsink by removing two Philip screws.

9) Screw new printhead to finned heatsink.

10) Plug the two cables back into the printhead.

11) Slide shaft of the printhead assembly into bearing.

12) Replace printhead adjustment lever and pin.

13) Install the media and thermal transfer ribbon.

14) Replace the ribbon access door.

Adjustment can be made by moving the printhead adjustment lever (clockwise or counterclockwise) to obtain the best print quality.

NOTE: Normally, mechanical adjustment is not necessary when replacing the printhead. Mounting screws on the mount assembly automatically locate the printhead. However, if the new print head performs poorly, some adjustment may be necessary.

We offer maintenance and repair of all of the printheads we sell. If you have issues or questions installing the Intermec 4400 Printhead, please call is at 1-800-434-9011.

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