Datamax Prodigy Plus Printhead Installation Instructions


The Datamax Prodigy Plus, Max, Allegro & DMX-400 thermal printhead is sensitive to static electricity, which can damage the printhead or reduce its life. Ground yourself by touching some metal, such as printer’s metal base, before touching the printhead. Clean the printhead to remove any salt or oil left from handling prior to operation.

1. Turn power switch off and open media compartment door.

2. Remove thermal transfer ribbon and label stock from the printer.

3. Engage printhead by rotating head lift level counter-clockwise to the “down” position.

4. Unplug the printhead cable.

5. Loosen the printhead mounting screw, which is located inside a small circular opening on the top of the head assembly. Loosen the screw until the printhead is disengaged from the bracket.

6. Using one hand to support the printhead, remove the printhead by sliding the printhead out the side of the assembly. Be very careful not to scratch the surface of the printhead.

7. Carefully slide the new printhead into place, making sure that the dowel pins on the printhead bracket fit into the holes on the left side of the printhead and the slot on the right side of the printhead. Make sure the printhead is flush with the printhead mount bracket.

8. Secure the printhead to the mechanism by tightening the printhead mounting screw. Do not try to over tighten the screw.

9. Plug in the printhead cable pushing it into the printhead connector.

NOTE: Normally, mechanical adjustment is not necessary when replacing the printhead. Mounting screws on the mount assembly automatically locate the printhead. However, if the new print head performs poorly, some adjustment may be necessary.

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