Making "Cents" of Cost Per Page

What you don’t know may be costing you tens of thousands of dollars. Despite claims years ago that business would be paperless, more computer printing is being done today than ever before. The sheer growth of the amount of information we all interact with may have something to do with this, as well as our use of e-mail and web pages (people are constantly printing out messages and Internet information). Furthermore, increasingly people want printed pages containing color.

Although printers are more capable and are less expensive for that capability today, for most firms the cost of printing has actually gone up. Read more

Many things affect the page count of toner cartridges. The more toner printed on the page (% page coverage), the density setting of the machine and the number of pages printed cause the greatest variance. Studies of original equipment manufacturers (OEM) toner using the same machine, same density setting and same page coverage have shown variances of up to 30% in page yield.

Ganson toner cartridges have been thoroughly tested for performance including page count, density (darkness of print), and gray scale. Page count studies are run at 5% page coverage in the same machine, on the same density setting. All Ganson toner cartridges have the same amount of toner and will yield page counts to equivalent to their OEM counter parts.

DID YOU KNOW – ALL Ganson toner cartridges come with a 100% Guarantee. If a cartridge is defective, we will replace it at no charge, AND if the toner spills or damages your printer, Ganson will dispatch a technician anywhere in the US to clean and repair the printer AT NO COST TO YOU.


Purchase a maintenance kit from Ganson and we will send a tech to your location to install and clean the printer for $85.
Offer expires 05/31/2010

May Tech Tip
Set your machine to lower density setting for increased page yield. You can get up to 20% more pages and still have good print.

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