What is MICR Toner?

For owners of laser printers or copiers who have been shopping around for the best prices and selection of toner, you know that there is a lot of terminology to learn. One term you will bump into when shopping for toner is MICR. The acronym "MICR" stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. MICR is a process by which documents are printed using magnetic ink and special fonts to create machine readable information for quick document processing.

The main purpose of MICR toner is to print accounting and routing information on bank checks and other negotiable documents. MICR toner has been in use for a long time by banks and other institutions because it is often very difficult to counterfeit. Chances are that if you are shopping for toner for a home or office printer, you can pass right by the MICR toner choices on the shelves.

If you do your office or home printing with laser toner, you should pay attention to the age of your toner cartridge. Many people do not think that a toner cartridge can go bad with age. The truth is that it is recommended that you use a toner cartridge within six months of purchasing it. A toner cartridge's performance will deteriorate over time if it sits open for too long.

If you want the best results from your toner, the cartridge should be kept sealed in its bag until use. Keep it at room temperature to prevent the toner from clumping inside the cartridge. Toner is essentially a powder, and if exposed to the elements it could be damaged. If you buy your cartridges in bulk, don't worry – WE have a solution. Ganson’s Print Miser Software can monitor your printer fleet and have toner delivered to your door before you run out.


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