Earth Day Toner Facts

Did you know that every Ganson toner cartridge
• Saves over 2 quarts of oil
• Keeps more than 3 pounds of waste out of ever-shrinking landfills
• Keeps an average of $50 - $150 in your wallet
(the best kind of conservation)
Take, for example, the Sears Tower in Chicago - one of the world's tallest buildings at 1,454 feet. If every one of the 110 million toner cartridges intentionally thrown into our dumps in 2003 was packed into a giant cube that tower of trash would be taller than the Sears Tower.
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If you are new to buying laser printers, the list of available options and specifications can seem somewhat overwhelming. To help with your quest for the best printer for your office, we’ve assembled a checklist for you to consider.
Color or monochrome. Do you plan to use your printer to create full-color brochures, business cards, fliers, charts, or reports?
Network capabilities. Will several computers need access to just one printer?
Speed vs. quality. Remember that print speed and print quality are often a trade-off. At the same price point, you will often find printers that offer high resolutions but lower print speeds, as well as printers that offer lower resolutions but very speedy print times. If several employees will share a printer and print larger documents, you should consider buying a faster printer. If you don’t foresee lines of employees waiting at the printer’s output tray but you do need to print high-quality text, charts, or graphics, look for a printer that features higher resolutions.
Paper handling. Will the printer need to support a constant stream of print jobs? You will need a printer that lets you place a decent number of sheets in the input trays so that employees don’t constantly waste valuable time refilling empty paper trays. Also, ensure that the paper trays and the printer itself will support all paper types and sizes that you plan to print. Read more


Buy a refurbished printer in the month of April and receive an extended 1 year warranty for FREE!
Offer expires 04/30/2010
April Tech Tip
If your multi-function device or copier is putting out dirty copies, try cleaning the glass with a dry, soft cloth. Even the smallest particles can cast a shadow on a copied document. (Note – DO NOT use a cleaning agent, such as Windex, to clean the glass as the chemicals could damage the unit). If this doesn’t fix the problem, you may need to call a tech to come do a thorough cleaning of your device.
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