Check Writing and Security

According to the 2010 Global Fraud Study by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, check fraud is the one of the top three categories of occupational fraud, showing a median loss of $131,000 per company each year. Other studies show rates of check fraud have continued to grow approximately 2.5% each year, and in 2009 banks and retailers lost an estimated $12-15 billion due to check fraud. Forging techniques range from simple alterations made by mechanical scraping and chemical washing of original checks to complete fraudulent reproductions. By identifying risks at each stage of any check issuance process, improvements can be made to guard against the most frequent types of check fraud. Ganson offers solutions for check issuance which feature industry leading protection for each phase of this process. By implementing a secure MICR printing solution, not only is risk of check fraud reduced, but efficiency is improved for the check writing and distribution process. Using MICR enabled equipment, with state–of–the–art security features many organizations are printing checks automatically and securely, today.

unathorized access to application
operational fraud
File re-routing
Network sniffing
unathorized printing
Duplicate printing copy count, print jamming
Security paper theft
Data theft
Check alteration
Check counterfeiting
Automated alerts
Fraud analytics
Multi-level user authentication
Secure database
File encryption
Embedded font calls
Configured print servers and network interface cards
Disabled jam recovery
PIN and key lock authentication
embedded fonts
File encryption
Tray mapping
Secure paper trays
Embedded audit trail
Password protection
Tamper evident toner
High security paper
Security fonts
Machine readable codes
Variable data "watermarking"

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