Why are Thermal Wax Ribbons so important?

Why are Thermal Wax Ribbons so important?



If you are using a direct thermal printer, you do not need to use a wax ribbon. If you find that you are using a thermal transfer printer then you will need to purchase thermal wax ribbons. But what is a thermal ribbon and why are they so important?

Thermal wax ribbon is a very important component to the thermal transfer printing process. When printing, an image is created on thermal paper by transferring ink from the wax ribbon onto the paper. Once cooled, the image is permanently on the paper. This type of printing is used for barcoding, receipts, direct packaging printing, etc.

When it comes to thermal printing, whether it be direct thermal or thermal transferring – a thermal printhead is one of the most important and most expensive components of the process. In thermal transfer printing a ribbon is used not only to apply ink to paper, but also to protect the printhead from dust particles, abrasion, and static.

When selecting a wax ribbon, it is important to keep in mind the 3 different types of thermal wax ribbons to choose from. Click here for a detailed description of each type.

The major factors in determining which thermal wax ribbon to purchase are width, ink and static.

In order to save you money from having to prematurely purchasing a new printhead, please look at the width of a ribbon when determining which ribbon you want to buy. The width of a ribbon should always be wider than your printing media and printhead.

The type of ink used can cause a printhead to produce more heat in order to produce an image which could result in the burn out of a print head. Not looking at the type of ink used and purchasing the wrong type could result in buildup on the printhead and you may have to purchase both a new printhead and wax ribbon sooner then you may have thought.

Static electricity can be the death of a print head. Taking the necessary time to ensure that the wax ribbon you are purchasing does in fact have an anti-static coating could save you downtime, money and frustration in the long run.

Ganson is here to help you determine which wax ribbon is best for the job at hand. We can ensure that you are purchasing the right ribbon with the right ink at the right size with the best anti-static coating for your printing needs.

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