Save Money on Mobile Batteries in 2 Steps

On a scale of 1-10 how high would you say that your level of frustration is with the mobile batteries in your barcode printers?


Do your mobile printers and scanners run out of battery power in the middle of inventory projects?

 If the batteries in your mobile barcode scanners do not utilize the new safety vent and external protection circuit, chances are that your mobile devices end the work day before you do.

The safety vent and external protection circuit features are the secret to reducing stress on your mobile device batteries and thus stress at work.
Just needed to vent a little
dbHave you or any of your co-workers ever used the phrase: “I went to the gym, because I was ‘looking to let off a little steam?’”

Allowing the batteries in your label printers to ‘let off a little steam’ is exactly how the new safety vent update improves battery life.

One the main reasons that the battery is always low on your barcode printer is that dust particles build up around the cell.

The venting feature on your mobile battery is very important to increase battery life. Venting blows the dust bunnies out of the safety vent which prevents dust from clogging the cell and draining your mobile battery.

Cool down as the temperatures go up


ipWe’ve all seen that anxiety inducing “device needs to cool down” icon appear on our phones and on our mobile barcode scanners.
Overheating issues with your label printer will drastically reduce battery life.
The new external protection circuit feature is specifically designed to prevent your devices from getting really hot.
For projects requiring longer run times for your barcode scanners such as seasonal inventory or mass order fulfillment, the probably of your devices reaching a T1 level of excessive heat or 450ºC is very high.
The external protection circuit’s ability to lower the surface temperature of your mobile battery back down below 194ºC is what will allow it to hold a charge 12% longer than label printer batteries without this update.

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