New FDA Nutrition Label

In 1993, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) implemented nutrition labels on most foods consumed in the United States. These labels were created to assist the public with health issues and eating habits. All labels were to include the caloric amounts, serving sizes and all ingredients included in packaged foods.

Although changes with these nutrition labels have been minimal, Ganson wants to make you aware of some recent changes that have been proposed by the FDA. These changes are used to help people make a more informed decision about the foods that they eat in order to help limit diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and obesity.

The look of these labels will stay the same, but due to the changes, all current labels will need to be replaced to include the new information. Below are images of the old label and the new label:


The new label has a highlighted caloric content with bold type with the number of calories and serving per container and a larger font. The information on the Percent Daily Value is moved to the left of the label. This will help consumers to figure out the total daily diet in regards to the nutrient information. The amounts per serving has changed to the amount per with a blank space allowing for common household measures. For example: amount per ½ cup versus amount per 1 serving. The total carbohydrate has changed to total carbs and the indention of added sugars is beneath the listing for sugars. The actual amount per serving size is justified to the right.

Another major changer to the new FDA approved labels are that of the footnote. The new footnotes would all for a better explanation of the Percent Daily Value. The change in the footnotes is important so that consumers can have a better understanding of the Percent Daily Value.

All changes are expected to be made on all domestic and imported goods by January 2018. If you have any questions in regards to the new labels, please call your Ganson Sales Rep today!



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