Features To Consider in a Toner Cartridge

Earth Day Toner Cartridge Facts


Did you know tToner Cartridgehat every Ganson toner cartridge:

• Saves over 2 quarts of oil

• Keeps more than 3 pounds of waste out of ever-shrinking landfills

• Keeps an average of $50 – $150 in your wallet (the best kind of conservation)

Take, for example, the Sears Tower in Chicago – one of the world’s tallest buildings at 1,454 feet. If every one of the 110 million toner cartridges intentionally thrown into our dumps in 2003 was packed into a giant cube that tower of trash would be taller than the SearsTower.

Even more amazing, that tower of wasted cash would represent more than $15 billion dollars thrown into our dumps.

The original $150 million cost to build the SearsTower is only 1/10th of what is spent on toner cartridges annually.

Consider this: A one dollar bill is exactly 2.61” X 6.14” x 0.0043” thick which means the stack of trash cash made up of 15 billion one dollar bills would be 5,375,000 feet tall (a pile of cash over 1,017 miles high).

One last amazing toner  cartridge fact: Every one of the 25,000 people who enter the Sears Tower every business day would have to bring 17 toner cartridges with them every day of the year to equal the 110 million number of toner cartridges thrown into landfills every year.

Recycle and Reduce. It’s one great way to help save the environment and save money too.