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Costs Per PageMaking “Cents” of Cost Per Page

What you don’t know may be costing you tens of thousands of dollars.  Despite claims years ago that business would be paperless, more computer printing is being done today than ever before.  The sheer growth of the amount of information we all interact with may have something to do with this, as well as our use of e-mail and web pages (people are constantly printing out messages and Internet information).  Furthermore, increasingly people want printed pages containing color.
Although printers are more capable and are less expensive for that capability today, for most firms the cost of printing has actually gone up.

Most firms have no idea what their computer printing really costs them.  The acquisition costs are typically low, often buried in different department budgets and are not capitalized, and the consumables are lumped in with office supplies.

The great news is if you choose the right products for your needs, you can pocket thousands of dollars in operating costs.

Acquisition costs tend to be quite competitive between various manufacturers for the same type of product.  But the key metric is:  what is the cost per page printed?

The cost per page needs to include all the consumables and those things that must be replaced once you print a certain number of pages (such as a maintenance kit ).  Consumables may be different depending on the printer.  For color digital (laser) printers/copiers, there are many consumables.  Some firms include the service costs as well.

When we visit companies, it is fairly common for us to see inkjet printers widely deployed – since ink jet printers can print in color, have a small form factor, and are so inexpensive to buy.  But these printers are causing you to throw money away!  The cost per page is huge (it can be over $ 1 a page!).  You get very few prints per cartridge and the cartridges are quite expensive.  Manufacturers have been known to give the printers away since they make so much money on the supplies that you have to purchase.

The following costs are based on 10% ink coverage.  If you print graphics or pictures the costs are multiplied.

·     Monochrome laser printers (and copiers) can vary considerably in their cost per page: from under ½ cent to over 6 cents.

·    Color laser printers (and copiers) can be as low as 5 cents, but are more typically ten to fifteen cents per page – and more than that for older generation products.

Even a moderately low usage workgroup monochrome laser printer is likely running over 10,000 pages a month.   The difference in operating costs can easily be $ 2,000 a year on each printer!  And there are many department printers doing 100,000 or more pages a month.  So that means $20,000 a printer, per year.

Clients have replaced printers that were working fine with lower operating cost product and have saved in excess of a half a million dollars a year, over and above the cost of acquisition.

Generally, the market leaders are among the most expensive to operate.   Involve a qualified print specialist to evaluate your requirements and make recommendations.  The result should be a much fatter bottom line for you.

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