The Abuse of Prescription Paper


The Abuse of Prescription Paper



The abuse of prescription drugs especially that of the controlled substance variety, has grown to become one of the biggest social and health problems of the United States in the last few years. Prescription paper fraud has risen to over $224 billion annually and shows no sign of slowing down.

If you are in the healthcare industry, the responsibility of finding ways to combat this issue can be a frustrating and consistent problem.

Legally, it is imperative that you learn the state and federal requirements for dispensing a controlled substance. The U.S. Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) states that you have a legal and ethical responsibility to uphold those laws and to help protect society from drug abuse.

Personally you have a responsibility to protect your practice from becoming a target for drug diversion. Become acquainted with potential drug abuse situations can occur and enforce policies to prevent those situations.

There are various types of fraudulent prescriptions that the DEA wants you to be aware of:

  • Legitimate prescription pads are stolen from physicians’ offices and prescriptions are written for fictitious patients.
  • Some patients, in an effort to obtain additional amounts of legitimately prescribed drugs, alter the physician’s prescription.
  • Some drug abusers will have prescription pads from a legitimate doctor printed with a different call back number that is answered by an accomplice to verify the prescription.
  • Some drug abusers will call in their own prescriptions and give their own telephone number as a call back confirmation.
  • Computers are often used to create prescriptions for nonexistent doctors or to copy legitimate doctors’ prescriptions.In order to help you minimize the risk of becoming a target for drug diversion, Ganson wants to let you know about the various prescription paper security features that are available to you.


Some of the standard prescription paper security features are:

  • Hidden VOID Pantograph
  • Erasure Resistant Background Color
  • MicroText Printing
  • watermark160px-Rx_symbol_border_svg
  • Coin-Reactive Ink

The advanced security prescription paper features:

  • All standard paper security
  • Security Features Listing
  • Heat sensitive thermo chromatic ink
  • Invisible Fibers Sheet
  • Chemical Reactive Paper
  • Toner Grip

In order to ensure that you have the proper control against fraudulent prescriptions:

  • Become educated on the various forms of prescription paper fraud
  • Become familiar with the various types of drugs used for resale on the street in your area
  • Ensure that your prescription pads are secure and fraud proof



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