Polypropylene thermal transfer printer labels


Polypropylene thermal transfer printer labels


When it comes to the durability of a thermal label, many of you already know it can be a flip of a coin. Many of the complaints Ganson hears in regards to labels is that they tend to fade and scratch easily. Another complaint is that thermal labels also tend to not have adhesive that can withstand long durability situations.

Ganson would like to teach you about polypropylene thermal transfer printer labels. These labels are built with thermal printers in mind and because they are made with polypropylene, they have a high resistance to scratching.

Polypropylene thermal transfer printer labels:

Can be used in place of polyester, polyethylene and PVC labelsDTL-Paper-2

Are designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions

Have high performance acrylic adhesive

Can be used for both indoor and outdoor conditions


When it comes to your money, ensuring that you receive the best return of investment on your purchases is important. Do not get stuck with a product that can’t stick around!

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