MICR Toner

MICR Toner

What is MICR Toner?

Magnetic Ink Character Recognition or MICR Toner is a must have in the financing world. MICR Toner is a special ink that uses a combination of plastic ink and iron oxide. Although all toner contains a little bit of iron oxide, MICR toner increases the iron oxide strength from a general 30 to an average of 80.In order to increase security, most checks are written with this special toner.



The banking routing number, account number, and check number on the bottom of every check is generally written with MICR Toner using special font and characters. This line is called the MICR line. Most check stocks have what is called a MICR band that creates a clear area for your MICR line on your checks. This allows for less rejections fMICR Toner Readerrom your banking institution. When a check is sent through a MICR reader, it is usually at approximately 70 miles per hour. If the toner you are using has an iron oxide strength of less than 50, or the area around the MICR line is not clear, a bank will reject the check. When a check is ran through a special MICR reader, the toner is magnetically charged so that the special characters can become clear and read in a more automated process. Most people in the financing world would say that the special characters for each check produced with MICR Toner can be closely compared to a modern day fingerprint.

Not having the proper MICR Toner could result in high bank fees because all check processing will have to be done manually. Not only would your banking fees be more expensive, but the turn around time for deposits and payments can increase. Call us at Ganson and we can help you determine which MICR Toner is best for you and your company!





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