Check Printing


Check Printing

If the security of your company’s money is a concern for you, then handwriting checks IS NOT the way that you should be handling accounts payable and payroll. According to the National Check Fraud Center, check fraud is a booming business for thieves. Over 500 million checks are forged annually, resulting in losses of over $10 billion for business annually.


Printing cheques in house is easier that you may think and can save you time and heartache in the long run. In order to successfully process any checks, Ganson wants to make sure you have some of the basic necessities:


1. Check printing software – Yes, you can design your own checks without any special software. However, using software that is compatible with check interfaces like Quicken or MS Money, you can track your payments without having to enter them manually into your accounting system.


2. You can print your checks with just about any type of printer. If you are going to print your checks, it is highly recommended that you use check paper that has built in features that can make it difficult to alter your printed checks.


3. Although you can use just about any type of printer to print your checks, when it comes to actually completing the check printing process it is highly recommended that you use MICR toner. Magnetic Ink Character Recognition toner is a financing world must have. Not only do most banking institutions charge more for checks not printed with MICR toner, but it can slow down check processing times. MICR toner can be switched with regular laser toner for those print job that are not check printing related.


The security of your money should be one of the highest concerns for your business. Take the time to ensure that you are doing all you can to guarantee the safety of your assets.



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